EOZ Integrates Artificial Neural Network with Blockchain Technology for Trading Until Lending System

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This is an innovative idea and concept developed by EOZ team to explore and carried out a long research within around 3 years to find suitable algorithm using Artificial Neural Network technology in bot implementation for trading. It is not easy to trade for cryptocurrency or any other exchange such as stock exchange or forex exchange, need deep analysis and also strong control of psychology as both of these items are strongly determined a successful in the trading. The superiority of bot in trading rather than human even expert is in psychology aspect as most possibly a great analysis of an expert will be influenced by his psychology then the implementation often not as planned from his analysis to make his trading fail or loss. Bot is free of this psychological aspect then the trading will be purely by the algorithm developed by the bot creator, unfortunately common bot cannot adapt well to new situation that is not available in algorithm created.

EOZ team has developed bot using Artificial Neural Network which can adapt quickly to a new situation in trading as eventhough there are similarity in trading signals but sometimes there will be a situation that is different with the past that not available in algorithm commonly, therefore EOZ has superiority with this excellent concept in Artificial Neural Network to imitate human ability for adaptation new system or called learning. This learning in human can increase adaptability to newer situation by analyze past even or historical information, this is applied in Artificial Neural Network by EOZ. So, the trading participated by EOZ can be similar with a great trader but free from psychological influence to increase the successful possibility in trading significantly. There is a reason to say that EOZ bot is similar with great expert as EOZ team who developed the platform consist of experienced people with around 15 years involved in trading, then it is normal if their thinking and strategy in bot to be said similar with expert trader.

Artificial Neural Network work for EOZ

EOZ itself is not just a trading but specially for Lending platform to be offered for users who want to lend their fund in EOZ, most of the fund to be used by EOZ in trading then will give return to the lender with high reward in form of interest. It can be said the lender as investor in most common trading but the term will be bias with ICO that has used investors for tokens or coins buyer. By above clear explanation of the fund to be used to so the lender will know exactly the fund processed inside EOZ then will understand the reward to be received even seems much higher than other common investment. By knowing the fund processed and explained the ability and capability of bot to be used in EOZ more over if know the trading in crypto that has a lot of potential profit by high volatility characteristic, it will remove any doubt at all. This Artificial Neural Network is greatly excellent idea and concept as developed by EOZ in this trading environment with either common financial environment or event in crypto space. More detail of Artificial Neural Network scheme to be implemented in EOZ can be found at the whitepaper link : https://www.eoz.com/whitepaper.pdf.

There is another strong point of EOZ rather than other common financial environment, it is in blockchain technology implementation. As a lot of people recently well informed by this most advanced technology after computer and internet in latest century, blockchain is trusted as the new era of technology for future world development. The characteristics of blockchain are independent, transparent and decentralization, so is the case in EOZ. Then EOZ will really make a difference in financial environment specially lending system. With collaboration of Artificial Neural Network and Blockchain Technology, the future of financial will have big influencing from EOZ.

There is another interesting service that provided by EOZ, it is buyback program which allow EOZ to purchase again any tokens outside in public tokens holder. This program is able to ensure price stability and facilitate investors who need withdrawal their fund  from EOZ.

So far presented above are the special competency and ability of EOZ, now to be presented at a glance for EOZ ICO. Currently the EOZ is opening the opportunity to public who want to be part of EOZ for getting the tokens in token sale which is divided into 5 round and added with a Pre-Sale or Pre-ICO as can be seen in the website : https://www.eoz.com/, here is the detail of the ICO held by EOZ:


While specific ICO information of EOZ to be presented in below table:

EOZ ICO detail

The least but not the last of interesting characteristic of EOZ is the short roadmap to be targeted by team as usually other at least will reach end roadmap within 1 year even more but EOZ just put end of the roadmap in just around 9 months. It should be believed that longer period of EOZ will increase highly but just to describe generally it can be understood that just within 9 months then this EOZ to be achieved as below:


June 2017

  • Idea to make EOZ public and utilize crowdfund for investments.

Q4 2017

  • Design & Development of Public Portal.
  • Planning Of EOZ ICO.
  • EOZ White Paper.
  • Development Of EOZ Coin.

Q1 2018

  • Launch Of EOZ ICO Token Sale.
  • Launch Of EOZ Coin.
  • Launch Of EOZ Lending & Exchange.
  • Projected Opening Price $35.

Q3 2018

  • Launch Of EOZ Mobile Wallet Apps.
  • Listing On Exchanges.
  • Projected Price $50 – $70.

Above EOZ roadmap can be seen at either website or whitepaper.

Finally, by knowing the core technical of EOZ by integration of Artificial Neural Network and Blockchain Technology in the system then it can be said that EOZ is providing a private investing environment and cryptocurrency trading platform where traders and invеѕtоrѕ аlikе are able to carry out business securely and safely also high possibility for profitable. To know more information about EOZ or to arise questions and talk directly to EOZ official team can open or contact below:

Website: eoz.com

Email: support@eoz.com

Telegram: @eozsupport

Twitter: @eozcoin

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/eozdotcom/

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