Musicians and The Fans Will Be More Excited In Music World by “Current” Impact

Current Guitar Display I

Formerly around 50 years ago, people listen to music from radio or perhaps some TV station which was very rare in number on that time. As the time progressed, music has been served by more TV station, then also by any other mechanical music player such as tape and Walkman. Then people had been changed their behavior to listen to music by more electronical type such as CD, DVD, USB, etc. All are changed with the coming of internet in worldwide since around 2000, more entertainment specifically music enjoyed by streaming. But all of them are in centralized way, and the parties related such as listener or user, musicians as the creator and curator are appreciated by centralized way also.

Now around 2 decades later from internet rising, blockchain is rising to start involve in human life specially musicians, the fans and also curator. It is “Current”, an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets the user choose how to stream and pay for the media used. Now music ecosystem should start to be revolutionized by “Current” specially by more appreciation rewarded to musicians, the fans as listener and curator. The reward system is served by “Current” in sophisticated mechanism calculation developed so the musicians can be more excited to create more creation. So, there is correlation between “Current and music world as the “Current” impact to musician and their fans. Beside musician create more creation to be uploaded in “Current” platform, they will also concern to the quality in order to be more listened by the fans as this can give the musicians more reward in CRNC.

In other side, the fans that so far they can sacrifice to pay or buy license to listen the music they like then now will be facilitated by “Current” to listen more music they like as above the musician created. The facilitation provided by “Current” beside of the convenience to use and other, the needed thing also by listener is the facilitation in CRNC rewards to help enjoying much longer the music and also as more as possible. Therefore, everybody will be happier including the curator. Perhaps music industries can consider this “Current” as their service platform to be enjoyed by the music fans, and probably some of music industries parties has seen the potency of “Current” platform as proved by sold out before ICO schedule ended.

Other side of “Current” as product, it is a team behind of “Current” that has been joined and lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1.2M USD. He is just a sample of other great profile personnel bound in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are: Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisors, complete team can be found at the website :

Current Platform1

“Current” now is performing a program which involve their supporters, the program can be found at this link: For whom to want contact or communicate with “Current” team in telegram, this link can be used:

More complete information related with “Current” can be found at below :

Website :
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