Streaming Media Industries Are Encouraged To Be Consolidated Into “Current” Platform

Current Platform1

There are lot of streaming media industries provide unique channel and other top characteristic to attract users interest for playing them as long as possible as that usage will be an important data to be shown to advertiser to put their advertising with certain price. As most people who are using streaming media a lot such as Youtube, Spotify and others, most of the users are satisfied with the service evidenced by the growth users day by day. There is specific popular media streaming such as Youtube for video uploaded, Spotify for music specialist to entertain music fans with millions of songs, SoundCloud which has similar type with Spotify relate with songs, and so on. Each of them is serving different segment of fans and the artist which is in song is related with musicians while in Youtube to be related with video artist. Similar things can be happened with book lovers, radio listeners or TV audiences.

Now “Current” has been born to consolidate the mature streaming media industries such as Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud and others into “Current” platform which is able to treat them fair to give one service for all streaming media to user. That distinctive characteristics will be consolidated in one platform for streaming media, then this will facilitate the user to be easier for searching their interest and will be some big advantages for advertisers by pooling the users in one consolidated platform called “Current”. This “Current” platform also will encourage the growth of streaming media under its consolidation by rewarding system implemented for each ecosystem contributors: user, creators, curator for more benefits of advertising. This consolidation will give benefit also to each sub platform under “Current” such as Youtube, Spotify and SoundCloud as there will be a potential to cross-expand each user mean that originally Youtube user only then as there is Spotify or SoundCloud probably that user will try them to be added as SoundCloud or Spotity user, and vice versa. So, the consolidation will impact to positive benefit to lot of parties related with this streaming media industry.

This consolidation of streaming media industries can be understood as one crucial factor of “Current” to be favorable along the investors since the selling has ended much earlier than the scheduled time. It can be seen from this occurrence how potential project of this “Current” in front of lot of people, because now people needs streaming media in their life. To get involve in “Current” platform whether as user, curator, creator or even advertisers, all will be related to CRNC (pronounced as “currency”). This CRNC has lot of benefits as informed at the website: for reducing or eliminating the cost of premium subscriptions to popular content providers and accessing favorite content inside “Current” platform, in the future will be developed other applications in order that “Current” to be able for purchasing goods outside “Current” Network.

“Current” has been running a program which involve supporters to be finished at the end of ICO, but ICO has ended much earlier but this program is still running, the program can be found at this link: It is really a good appreciation from “Current” team to the supporters to finish as scheduled even actually the program can be ended simultaneously with ICO ending. To facilitate communication with “Current” team, there is a telegram group provided at this link:

More complete information related with “Current” can be found at below:

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