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Travelling Around the World is Possible for Everyone Just by Using Smartphone With UbiatarPlay

Traveling to all corners of the world is a dream for lot of people, certainly it is very nice to see and visit various places and then see and hear as much as possible the things that are in a place of local people, their unique souvenirs and local culture and customs. Cultures of various regions, natural beauty around the world, historical places and other things very special to be visited. Everything is a fun tourism activity for people to do. But generally, a visit to an area is constrained many obstacles such as time and especially cost. It can be imagined how much it would cost for people who want to visit the western world while he comes from the eastern part of the world, travel time can be several days and travel expenses from tickets, meals and lodging costs that will certainly drain enough pockets of ordinary people. Even so much the cost, many people who do not have the opportunity to travel around the world which is exciting.

But now, with the advent of UbiatarPlay that is able to change the condition from impossible to be possible. Travelling around the world that it costed at least tens of thousands of US dollars, now changed drastically to be very cheap only with smartphone facilities, data connections and fees to the Avatar registered on UbiatarPlay. Truly an amazing innovation that allows everyone to travel to all places in all corners of the world only with the existence of the facilities aforesaid. Later people will easily see and visit historical places, popular venues and other interesting places and whatever is in all corners of the world that want to be seen and to be watched live. A breakthrough of ideas, creations and imaginations carried out by UbiatarPlay team that will provide many benefits for many people.

What and Who is UbiatarPlay?

What is UbiatarPlay

Surely anyone who especially has the desire to travel around the world will be very curious and want to know what UbiatarPlay and who they are. It is so excellent value of the services provided by UbiatarPlay that allows travel around the world to be very cheap and very time saving. As quoted from their whitepaper which can be found on the website of UbiatarPlay: and also in the English version of whitepaper at this link:, UbiatarPlay can be understood as has been designed and concepted as the peer-to-peer marketplace of the ubiatar service. Ubiatar is the only project offering a viable and a real solution to the ancient dream of mankind: having the power of ubiquity or in other word can be said as omnipresence, or instant transfer to any place. Ubiatar delivers the power of ubiquity with modern mobile technologies, over a high-performance platform. The general principle of UbiatarPlay application is the availability of an Avatar service and also Usar needs. The Avatar is someone who own a smartphone which is UbiatarPlay installed there, this people is located at a destination place then can go to every corner of that place. This person who serve and shows the places where he can reach to the people in another place called usar. This Usar is just stay at their place and watch and hear everything captured by Avatar smartphone, they can see easily every angle of Avatar smartphone is located and also hear any sounds and voices around Avatar smartphone. So, in the simply word, Usar is in term of the “staying tourist” or “staying traveler” while Avatar is the “eye”, “ear” and “body” for that “staying traveler”. The concept is really unique make dreaming comes true, everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body. Usar can instruct Avatar where to go and what to do as based on deal between them, just like as if this “staying traveler” were there indirectly. Incredible idea to be realized as this is really great one!!

In this project, there are two ubiatar involved. The first one is ubiatar Inc, as quoted from the whitepaper is “the USA company in Silicon Valley that has already developed the base technology, the apps & software and the world-wide cloud-based platform that supports” these advanced telepresence services. is a technology provider and global servers manager. This ubiatar is based in USA, does not deal directly with end users and does not provide any B2C service. The other is UbiatarPlay sa is a service operated by a Swiss-based company and will be a platform where anybody from the general public will be able to register as an Avatar and offer his/her physical presence for hire. This UbiatarPlay / the owner of the marketplace where Usars will find Avatars, discovering who they are, what they offer and where they offer it. This UbiatarPlay is allowed to create the standard marketplace where these services will be sold on a peer-to-peer decentralized fashion based on contract signed with ubiatar Inc.

From technology point of view, ubiatar network to be considered as a peer-to-peer cloud-based, autoscaling, cutting-edge system that is based on Amazon Web Services data centers. As we all know that Amazon is one of the biggest and most reliable provider of cloud computing power with worldwide data centers that are the same supporting the Amazon business operations. This Amazon Web Services provide uninterruptible, reliable and potentially without processing power limits then it will meet the requirements for UbiatarPlay systems which is supporting and coordinating millions of users all over the world, exchanging low-latency high-quality audio and video streams, even if in a peer-to-peer fashion. To work with Avatars, UbiatarPlay will provide a simple GUI for this telepresence to be used by Usars such as a click from the mouse and the cursor will assign something to be known by Avatar. Even this kind is very simple but eventually this is a real breakthrough as none else thought it before then now to be processed for the patent. Later, UbiatarPlay also will special ‘fisheye’ cameras that will send a 360 degrees video stream to be visualized in a free scroll panorama mode or with a VR viewer (Virtual reality). This VR will provide usars as if he is holding the smartphone in his hands in the remote location.

Inside that UbiatarPlay marketplace, transaction to be carried out by using Ubiatar Coin (UAC), there to be provided also the wallet for each person to store the UAC. During this ICO, UAC are offered to public for gathering the funds that will be used for Development team, servers on AWS (Amazon Web Services), online promotion, UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide (UPBW), campaign, worldwide patent extension, VR system. UbiatarPlay platform itself is not allocated since it is available already then will not be allocated for the ICO funds. There is to be known that prebiously UbiatarPlay had been injected the funds from founders in amount of 1 million USD. While the UAC price during ICO is set to be 2$ for 1 UAC within ERC-20 Algorithm and the total supply for 100 million UAC. To continue the program, UbiatarPlay will follow roadmap generated as below:

UbiatarPlay Roadmap

The last part of this article will just be presenting the team behind this excellent project as below:

Management Team of UbiatarPlay

Team 1 of UbiatarPlay

Team 2 of UbiatarPlay

Team 3 of UbiatarPlay

The team serve the communication channel in telegram at this link: For more complete information related with UbiatarPlay can be found at below:

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Cars To Flight Are Linked Into Blockchain By Helbiz For Doing Easy Business

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To hear cars and flight in daily activities most possibly common for many people as nowadays those words are very familiar as they are always associated with all human activities. More of that, now the word becomes very reliable business field because it can not be denied and has been proven by history that human life is already attached with transportation. Many rich people are dealing with this transportation business, even recently there are coming the new business model of transportation based on application.

However the business as same with other sector of human life are evolving as time progressed, it is also with transportation which is influenced also with the technology development. Lately, many human life sectors are entered by blockchain technology that is suggested to change the world face after computer era and network era. That is happened also for transportation business, Helbiz team are created the most advanced and newest transportation system linked with blockchain technology to provide hottest prospective business circumstance for now and future. It will be very easy to do the business with Helbiz, even for user or for whoever want to be business inside Helbiz or called investor.

All Transportation Symbol

This business as aforesaid is reliable, most over supported by most advanced technology recently called blockchain then the future of the business is very bright and hot prospective. This acumen of the opportunity will open great profit for investor who are entering Helbiz by holding the tokens (HBZ). This is the first point to be said that transportation system by Helbiz are served for doing business easily, just hold this HBZ and wait for the much higher value expected to be sold. It is very reasonable to have a belief that this HBZ price will increase significantly after their ICO as the Helbiz system is running in the reliable business field and needed by all people !! It is very simple and in other word the demand will increase then the price will follow it…..

Cars even jet flight are needed by people and this need is increasing as time goes by, and service of Helbiz system are very convenient, easy to use, and also secure for both the user and also the car owner or renter. Added by prospectus technology of blockchain that is offering trusty, independence and also decentralized. So there is nothing to say more that from most of point of view, this Helbiz is really good business point!!

To know more the Helbiz, these links below can be visited :

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HELBIZ Is A Breakthrough In Transportation System By Using Blockchain Technology

Brief History of Transportation

Horses and trains are quite modern means of transportation in ancient times in the world including Europe and America. Horses and trains still survive for rent because at that time the rental car was still very expensive. Understandably, the producing cost of a car at that time may also be high. So even though there is already a car in the road, it is still expensive when rented.

The initial generation of cars we know is a motorized wagon. Motorized wagon appeared in 1886 and became the pioneer of today’s modern cars. The first motorized wagon was invented by Carl Benz from Germany. Wagon motorized began leased in 1904. It became the pioneer of the car rental until now. Motorized wagon rental business is not well developed because the rates are still too expensive. It can be said that the business of motorized wagons runs stagnant.

The First Car Rental Company in the World

With the development of automotive technology, people began to find motorized wagons at a cheaper price. The world knew Ford Model T as a motorized wagon at an economical price spent in 1908. With the capital of a Ford Model T in 1916, Joe Saunders of Omaha was the first to discover a car rental business. Joe Saunders’ business seems to be growing rapidly, as evidenced by the number of Ford Model T cars that became 18 pieces in 1917.

The Saunders company, originally called “Ford Livery Company” changed its name to “Saunders Drive-It-Yourself System” and then changed again to “Saunders System”. In 1926 (10 years of Saunders Company), the car rental company Sunders already has 56 branches.

Saunders car rental company was finally purchased by Avis in 1955. Avis is a car rental company in America. Avis is headquartered in Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, USA. The new Avis company was built in 1946. Though not so long ago, Avis’s business grew so much that he could buy the Saunders company.

That is the dynamics of business. Despite being a pioneer in the world of car rental, there is no guarantee it will last forever.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology was born in response to concerns of some parties to the workings of a centralized software. This technology was born in 2009 along with the birth of Bitcoin — the virtual currency that is becoming a trend today.

Blockchain technology is a technology that underlies the running of Bitcoin without relying on centralized servers and thus avoids the risk of downtime. The blockchain system comes by transforming a centralized approach into decentralization. In principle, blockchain technology is conditioning every server which run this software to form automatically a consensus networks to mutually replicate transaction data and mutually verify existing data.

Therefore, when one server is hacked then that server can be ignored because it is considered to have data that is different from most other server networks. This makes blockchain technology a much more powerful to face an attack compared to centralized technology because there is always at least 1 server running to handle transactions. Blockchain technology enables a consensus network to record and validate each transaction so that the data that has been entered cannot be forged, lost or corrupted so it cannot be manipulated by the network providers.

The analogy of how blockchain works almost the same as a cash book in a bank that records all transactions carried out by the user. The difference is only the authorities who can access information about the transaction in the cash book bank, while transactions through blockchain can be visible to all users because information collected is also distributed to everyone who run the server.

As technology which is predicted to be the future and the most advanced technology in the world, Blockchain continues to get progress over time so that this advanced technology can be used in various life aspects in society such as personal identity security, land and property ownership registration, and gold tracking digitally, digital assets, and also to encounter the children trafficking as stated in the UN (United Nations) program. In addition blockchain technology can also be used for open source software that can be enjoyed by many people for free.

Benefits of Blockchain’s usage are the results of Blockchain exploration carried out by several major technology-based companies in the world such as IBM, Hyperledger, Microsoft, Oracle, MasterCard, and many more technology and banking companies participating in the development of Blockchain technology in the world. It seems Blockchain technology as the technology of the future is not a mere figment, this can be seen from the trip and track record of the use of Blockchain until now.

Usefulness of Blockchain above can proof that Blockhain is able to be answer to the problems that occur in the world community.

HELBIZ As A Blockchain Transportation & Data Sharing System

General Description

Today as above described that blockchain can support revolution in many aspect including for this transportation sector the blockchain can minimize conventional ride sharing transaction fees. By switching the sharing economy to the Blockchain’s decentralized network, environment are getting democratize the platform for the benefit of active contributors of ecosystem.

Conventionally, centralized sharing economy platforms possess two key roles in sustaining the sharing economy:

1. The platforms connect buyers and sellers through a technology platform;
2. The platforms provide a secure and trusted environment for the final user.

However, by implementing Blockchain technology in the collaborative economy then it is no longer necessary for a central authority to ensure that the terms and conditions are met and that transactions are carried out accordingly with customers. The distributed ledger technology can provide smart contracts, digital identities linked to a publicly viewable user reputation systems and digital currency payments, all of which alleviate the need for a central authority. By using Blockchain technology in this transportation system can lead to potentially reduce transaction and trust costs that prevent car owners from monetizing their vehicles and driving data. This is below presented the contribution of Helbiz which aims to create value automating three key areas:

1. Shared ownership of the vehicles
2. Services associated with the vehicle utilization;
3. All the data that’s produced from the vehicle use

The Helbiz coin (HBZ) is a cryptocurrency aimed at being in the center of all transportation service transactions globally, from peer-to-peer bike rentals to public transportation and even private jets. It is also the preferred currency on the Helbiz Platform and the mission to make it a universally accepted transportation payment method. The Helbiz Mobility System is created in a platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by the Helbiz- Coin tokens. Helbiz will be the first company adopting HelbizCoin and leveraging the Helbiz Mobility System, a platform that will be opened to other companies with interests in mobility related services and willing to join the Blockchain revolution using data and building dApps (Decentralized Applications) on top of the Helbiz Mobility System.

The system connects car owners, renters and service providers through a simple, easy to use inter- face. To simplify the process and increase Helbiz- Coin adoption, Helbiz Mobility System will integrate several services in one single platform including:

– An explorer to discover available transportation options and related services;
– An internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin and Ethereum into HelbizCoin;
– A built-in wallet to store and use the tokens easily;
– Templates of smart contracts to allow vehicle owners to share their assets;
– Templates of smart contracts for data providers to set the rules and the level of reward they are willing to offer to data owners, whilst the latter retains control to cancel the contracts or edit permissions.

Helbiz also is able to allow privacy, trust among parties and eliminate various forms of fraud. Through recording and constantly updating all data of a particular vehicle; such as mileage, damage history and GPS data and protecting it in the blockchain, it prevents for example odometer & title washing fraud.

There is other opportunities offered by Helbiz to user in form of data trading, it means data that is owned and controlled by user can be exchanged with Helbiz Token to other parties that need the data. Those parties can be insurance companies or research companies. This is a good and direct benefit will be obtained by Helbiz user.

Below is presented in figures the architecture platform of Helbiz :

Figure: High Level Architecture of Helbiz Mobility Platform

To see the advantages and benefits of Helbiz System, the table as quoted from Helbiz whitepaper that can be obtained completely at this link :

Table 1. A summary of Helbiz Blockchain based Platform advantages compared to conventional methods

Principle Operation and Use Of The Helbiz System

To use the Helbiz system, just simply to carry out below actions :


Access to mobile application to search for available vehicles nearby;


The system will guide user through the verification of user digital identity. At the same time, the vehicle owner will need to verify their identity as well;


To further continue using the system, user will be requested to accept the terms and conditions, such as the fare and duration of the rental, and purchase an insurance policy covering the trip, through an immutable intelligent contract;


User smartphone will have remote key access and allowed to drive the car once the terms and conditions have been agreed and the smart contract has been verified;


The payment will be carried out at the end of the duration of the rental, it will be deducted directly from user digital wallet and will be transferred to the owner of the vehicle.

The process is very simple, it is shown and described also below the transaction scenario of Helbiz :

  1. A smart contract verifies the following conditions: ownership of vehicle, willingness to share it with customers meeting the minimum reputation score, and specific conditions of the vehicles availability;
  2. Any individual wishing to rent a vehicle needs to meet above criteria, then unlocking the doors for rental, and then allowing the start of the engine;
  3. The renter will have the option to share his data and be rewarded accordingly;
  4. The contract will also facilitate payment using HelbizCoin, a dedicated currency for the purpose that will allow participants to avoid financial transaction fees coming from the use of money in a traditional ecosystem — for instance, the fees we pay to Mastercard and Visa.

This Helbiz System which is used Helbizcoin (HBZ) can be exchanged with other major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Dash and ERC20 tokens and also can be exchanged into fiat currencies in the future.

Economic View Of Helbiz

In order to deliver a viable business model for the long term, HelbizCoin is established to be a pay-per-use model for getting onto the Helbiz Mobility System or for using services available on the platform. Helbiz will drive revenues through tools and services on the Helbiz Mobility System.

According to long-term view, below are presented the forecast of some revenue streams:

1. Commission from the price of the end user is paying for the rental, a fraction of current car sharing services;
2. Commission from the price of the service providers are paying directly to the users to share their data;
3. “Exchange” fees for using the internal exchange to convert major cryptocurrencies into HelbizCoin;
4. Commission on the digital locks;
5. Other services for the car owners. The company has access to a lot of data (e.g. usage, status) that may be using to sell additional services to the vehicle owners (e.g. time to check the brakes).

Here will be presented also the token specification in a table:

HBZ Token Specification

To start in the beginning, Helbiz are issuing the token for further financing purpose. There are 520.000.000 HBZ tokens of the 1 billion total supply provided by Helbiz. The token will be managed to below purpose as in figure:


While the funds raised will be used for purpose as described in below:



Helbiz Project

Helbiz System will be developed within a time frame which has been arranged in a Roadmap, here it is:

Helbiz Project Roadmap

Behind an idea in form of Helbiz project here, there are certainly a great team to concept, design, plan and further execute the project. Below are introduced the project team:

1. Salvatore Palella, Founder. President & founder of Helbiz inc. brings a decade of experience in finance & investments.

2. Armando Calvosa, Co-Founder. A serial entrepreneur, crypto expert and founder of an established digital marketing firm specializing in and advising blockchain startups and ICO’s.

3. Milos Citako, Co-Founder. Milos brings a decade of experience building consumer facing technology products and is in charge of product development.

4. Michele De Buono, General Advisor. +15 years in development and management of ICT startups and large companies, senior innovations manager in Cybersecurity strategic projects and expert in Public funds.

5. Michael Coppola, Strategic Advisor, Business operator, investor, advisor. A decade experience in mobile & enterprise technology. Held leadership roles with $200M+ exits, & raised over $100M in capital for startups

6. Justin Giuliano, President Blockchain Operation
7. Jonathan Hannestad, Strategic and Creative Director
8. Giulio Profumo, Investor and Advisor
9. Stefano Ciravegna, Crypto Advisor
10. Jelena Stojanac, Community Manager
11. Nemanja Stancic, Head of Engineering
12. Elia Fedorovski, Head of Growth

Below are further information to explore about Helbiz :

Issuance Date : 2 February 2018
Address : 19 Cecil Street #04–01, Singapore, Singapore
Email :
Website :
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