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Travelling Around the World is Possible for Everyone Just by Using Smartphone With UbiatarPlay

Traveling to all corners of the world is a dream for lot of people, certainly it is very nice to see and visit various places and then see and hear as much as possible the things that are in a place of local people, their unique souvenirs and local culture and customs. Cultures of various regions, natural beauty around the world, historical places and other things very special to be visited. Everything is a fun tourism activity for people to do. But generally, a visit to an area is constrained many obstacles such as time and especially cost. It can be imagined how much it would cost for people who want to visit the western world while he comes from the eastern part of the world, travel time can be several days and travel expenses from tickets, meals and lodging costs that will certainly drain enough pockets of ordinary people. Even so much the cost, many people who do not have the opportunity to travel around the world which is exciting.

But now, with the advent of UbiatarPlay that is able to change the condition from impossible to be possible. Travelling around the world that it costed at least tens of thousands of US dollars, now changed drastically to be very cheap only with smartphone facilities, data connections and fees to the Avatar registered on UbiatarPlay. Truly an amazing innovation that allows everyone to travel to all places in all corners of the world only with the existence of the facilities aforesaid. Later people will easily see and visit historical places, popular venues and other interesting places and whatever is in all corners of the world that want to be seen and to be watched live. A breakthrough of ideas, creations and imaginations carried out by UbiatarPlay team that will provide many benefits for many people.

What and Who is UbiatarPlay?

What is UbiatarPlay

Surely anyone who especially has the desire to travel around the world will be very curious and want to know what UbiatarPlay and who they are. It is so excellent value of the services provided by UbiatarPlay that allows travel around the world to be very cheap and very time saving. As quoted from their whitepaper which can be found on the website of UbiatarPlay: and also in the English version of whitepaper at this link:, UbiatarPlay can be understood as has been designed and concepted as the peer-to-peer marketplace of the ubiatar service. Ubiatar is the only project offering a viable and a real solution to the ancient dream of mankind: having the power of ubiquity or in other word can be said as omnipresence, or instant transfer to any place. Ubiatar delivers the power of ubiquity with modern mobile technologies, over a high-performance platform. The general principle of UbiatarPlay application is the availability of an Avatar service and also Usar needs. The Avatar is someone who own a smartphone which is UbiatarPlay installed there, this people is located at a destination place then can go to every corner of that place. This person who serve and shows the places where he can reach to the people in another place called usar. This Usar is just stay at their place and watch and hear everything captured by Avatar smartphone, they can see easily every angle of Avatar smartphone is located and also hear any sounds and voices around Avatar smartphone. So, in the simply word, Usar is in term of the “staying tourist” or “staying traveler” while Avatar is the “eye”, “ear” and “body” for that “staying traveler”. The concept is really unique make dreaming comes true, everything that is seen and heard by the Avatar is sent over the network to the Person at home (Usar) that in turn directs the Avatar so that he/she acts as his/her remote body. Usar can instruct Avatar where to go and what to do as based on deal between them, just like as if this “staying traveler” were there indirectly. Incredible idea to be realized as this is really great one!!

In this project, there are two ubiatar involved. The first one is ubiatar Inc, as quoted from the whitepaper is “the USA company in Silicon Valley that has already developed the base technology, the apps & software and the world-wide cloud-based platform that supports” these advanced telepresence services. is a technology provider and global servers manager. This ubiatar is based in USA, does not deal directly with end users and does not provide any B2C service. The other is UbiatarPlay sa is a service operated by a Swiss-based company and will be a platform where anybody from the general public will be able to register as an Avatar and offer his/her physical presence for hire. This UbiatarPlay / the owner of the marketplace where Usars will find Avatars, discovering who they are, what they offer and where they offer it. This UbiatarPlay is allowed to create the standard marketplace where these services will be sold on a peer-to-peer decentralized fashion based on contract signed with ubiatar Inc.

From technology point of view, ubiatar network to be considered as a peer-to-peer cloud-based, autoscaling, cutting-edge system that is based on Amazon Web Services data centers. As we all know that Amazon is one of the biggest and most reliable provider of cloud computing power with worldwide data centers that are the same supporting the Amazon business operations. This Amazon Web Services provide uninterruptible, reliable and potentially without processing power limits then it will meet the requirements for UbiatarPlay systems which is supporting and coordinating millions of users all over the world, exchanging low-latency high-quality audio and video streams, even if in a peer-to-peer fashion. To work with Avatars, UbiatarPlay will provide a simple GUI for this telepresence to be used by Usars such as a click from the mouse and the cursor will assign something to be known by Avatar. Even this kind is very simple but eventually this is a real breakthrough as none else thought it before then now to be processed for the patent. Later, UbiatarPlay also will special ‘fisheye’ cameras that will send a 360 degrees video stream to be visualized in a free scroll panorama mode or with a VR viewer (Virtual reality). This VR will provide usars as if he is holding the smartphone in his hands in the remote location.

Inside that UbiatarPlay marketplace, transaction to be carried out by using Ubiatar Coin (UAC), there to be provided also the wallet for each person to store the UAC. During this ICO, UAC are offered to public for gathering the funds that will be used for Development team, servers on AWS (Amazon Web Services), online promotion, UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide (UPBW), campaign, worldwide patent extension, VR system. UbiatarPlay platform itself is not allocated since it is available already then will not be allocated for the ICO funds. There is to be known that prebiously UbiatarPlay had been injected the funds from founders in amount of 1 million USD. While the UAC price during ICO is set to be 2$ for 1 UAC within ERC-20 Algorithm and the total supply for 100 million UAC. To continue the program, UbiatarPlay will follow roadmap generated as below:

UbiatarPlay Roadmap

The last part of this article will just be presenting the team behind this excellent project as below:

Management Team of UbiatarPlay

Team 1 of UbiatarPlay

Team 2 of UbiatarPlay

Team 3 of UbiatarPlay

The team serve the communication channel in telegram at this link: For more complete information related with UbiatarPlay can be found at below:

Website :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Telegram :
Bitcointalk :
Youtube :

Streaming Media Industries Are Encouraged To Be Consolidated Into “Current” Platform

Current Platform1

There are lot of streaming media industries provide unique channel and other top characteristic to attract users interest for playing them as long as possible as that usage will be an important data to be shown to advertiser to put their advertising with certain price. As most people who are using streaming media a lot such as Youtube, Spotify and others, most of the users are satisfied with the service evidenced by the growth users day by day. There is specific popular media streaming such as Youtube for video uploaded, Spotify for music specialist to entertain music fans with millions of songs, SoundCloud which has similar type with Spotify relate with songs, and so on. Each of them is serving different segment of fans and the artist which is in song is related with musicians while in Youtube to be related with video artist. Similar things can be happened with book lovers, radio listeners or TV audiences.

Now “Current” has been born to consolidate the mature streaming media industries such as Youtube, Spotify, SoundCloud and others into “Current” platform which is able to treat them fair to give one service for all streaming media to user. That distinctive characteristics will be consolidated in one platform for streaming media, then this will facilitate the user to be easier for searching their interest and will be some big advantages for advertisers by pooling the users in one consolidated platform called “Current”. This “Current” platform also will encourage the growth of streaming media under its consolidation by rewarding system implemented for each ecosystem contributors: user, creators, curator for more benefits of advertising. This consolidation will give benefit also to each sub platform under “Current” such as Youtube, Spotify and SoundCloud as there will be a potential to cross-expand each user mean that originally Youtube user only then as there is Spotify or SoundCloud probably that user will try them to be added as SoundCloud or Spotity user, and vice versa. So, the consolidation will impact to positive benefit to lot of parties related with this streaming media industry.

This consolidation of streaming media industries can be understood as one crucial factor of “Current” to be favorable along the investors since the selling has ended much earlier than the scheduled time. It can be seen from this occurrence how potential project of this “Current” in front of lot of people, because now people needs streaming media in their life. To get involve in “Current” platform whether as user, curator, creator or even advertisers, all will be related to CRNC (pronounced as “currency”). This CRNC has lot of benefits as informed at the website: for reducing or eliminating the cost of premium subscriptions to popular content providers and accessing favorite content inside “Current” platform, in the future will be developed other applications in order that “Current” to be able for purchasing goods outside “Current” Network.

“Current” has been running a program which involve supporters to be finished at the end of ICO, but ICO has ended much earlier but this program is still running, the program can be found at this link: It is really a good appreciation from “Current” team to the supporters to finish as scheduled even actually the program can be ended simultaneously with ICO ending. To facilitate communication with “Current” team, there is a telegram group provided at this link:

More complete information related with “Current” can be found at below:

Website :
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Medium :
Telegram :
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Youtube :

Musicians and The Fans Will Be More Excited In Music World by “Current” Impact

Current Guitar Display I

Formerly around 50 years ago, people listen to music from radio or perhaps some TV station which was very rare in number on that time. As the time progressed, music has been served by more TV station, then also by any other mechanical music player such as tape and Walkman. Then people had been changed their behavior to listen to music by more electronical type such as CD, DVD, USB, etc. All are changed with the coming of internet in worldwide since around 2000, more entertainment specifically music enjoyed by streaming. But all of them are in centralized way, and the parties related such as listener or user, musicians as the creator and curator are appreciated by centralized way also.

Now around 2 decades later from internet rising, blockchain is rising to start involve in human life specially musicians, the fans and also curator. It is “Current”, an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets the user choose how to stream and pay for the media used. Now music ecosystem should start to be revolutionized by “Current” specially by more appreciation rewarded to musicians, the fans as listener and curator. The reward system is served by “Current” in sophisticated mechanism calculation developed so the musicians can be more excited to create more creation. So, there is correlation between “Current and music world as the “Current” impact to musician and their fans. Beside musician create more creation to be uploaded in “Current” platform, they will also concern to the quality in order to be more listened by the fans as this can give the musicians more reward in CRNC.

In other side, the fans that so far they can sacrifice to pay or buy license to listen the music they like then now will be facilitated by “Current” to listen more music they like as above the musician created. The facilitation provided by “Current” beside of the convenience to use and other, the needed thing also by listener is the facilitation in CRNC rewards to help enjoying much longer the music and also as more as possible. Therefore, everybody will be happier including the curator. Perhaps music industries can consider this “Current” as their service platform to be enjoyed by the music fans, and probably some of music industries parties has seen the potency of “Current” platform as proved by sold out before ICO schedule ended.

Other side of “Current” as product, it is a team behind of “Current” that has been joined and lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1.2M USD. He is just a sample of other great profile personnel bound in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are: Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisors, complete team can be found at the website :

Current Platform1

“Current” now is performing a program which involve their supporters, the program can be found at this link: For whom to want contact or communicate with “Current” team in telegram, this link can be used:

More complete information related with “Current” can be found at below :

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“Current” Revolutionize Streaming Media Industry by The Features Inside

Current Display

Playing streaming media is a pleasure time to be spend by lot of people, not only for teenagers but also for most segment of age. Playing for entertaining can be seen started from a baby until adults and even elderly people, the media used now is streaming media. More than entertaining, streaming media can present tips and trick for something, for learning and education purpose started also from baby until elder people. Lot of people is using streaming media with the presence of data traffic that recently developed and served by internet.

Now, to enjoy streaming media will be revolutionized by “Current”, an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets the user choose how to stream and pay for the media used. There are several revolutions generated by “Current” in Streaming Media Industry specifically such as: Decentralized Storage Infrastructure which are dealing with millions of contents to be hosted, more convenient streaming provided to users, there are scalability by using state channels which shifting benefits from advertisers and intermediaries to direct contributors such as users, curators and the content creators. There also will be a subtoken and Network token under “Current” platform, it means as “Current” will consolidate as many as possible media streaming while each users of content will have a favorite channels or network then “Current” will generate a sub token on that network. Let say in the future there will be CRNC youtube subtoken for youtube network in “Current” platform. Similar to this, there will also CRNC spotiy subtoken and so on. So, with many ability and service provided by “Current” aforesaid then media streaming industry will be revolutionized. One other to be notified is the rewarding system by “Current” to the contributors such as users, curators and the content creators, this rewarding system developed with sophisticated calculation mechanism then it will encourage the usage of streaming media under “Current” platform.

Current Platform1

Other side of “Current” as product, is the producer of “Current” that is joined in a team lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1.2M USD. He’s had two prior exits from companies generating tens of millions in revenue. Dan has been investing in the blockchain space since 2013. This is just a sample of other great profile personnel in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are : Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisors, complete team can be found at the website :

“Current” now is carrying out a program which involve their supporters, the program can be found at this link: For whom to want contact or communicate with “Current” team in telegram, this link can be used:

More complete information related with “Current” can be found at below :

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Peran “Current” dalam Meningkatkan Industri Media Streaming

Current Platform1

Industri media streaming tumbuh atas peran lalu lintas data, fenomena ini pertama kali datang berawal dari keberadaan internet. Peran internet untuk mendorong setiap sektor dalam kehidupan manusia benar-benar melimpah, internet ini memasuki semua segmen dan semua bidang kehidupan manusia di seluruh dunia. Salah satu sektor yang telah berkembang adalah media streaming seperti youtube, kemudian yang lain datang seperti spotify dll. Mereka sekarang tumbuh lebih cepat, dan sekarang tampaknya pertumbuhan akan jauh lebih cepat dengan munculnya “Current”.

“Current” dikembangkan oleh tim yang dipimpin oleh Dan Novaes sebagai Co-Founder serta CEO. Dan telah diprofilkan di majalah Forbes sebagai Pengusaha, & Bloomberg TV untuk pencapaian kewirausahaan dan telah mengumpulkan dana melebihi 1,2 juta USD. Dia telah keluar masuk dua kali  dari perusahaan yang menghasilkan pendapatan puluhan juta Dolar Amerika. Dan telah berinvestasi di dunia blockchain sejak tahun 2013. Ini hanya sebagian saja sebagai contoh profil personil luar biasa, ada profil lainnya yang luar biasa juga di tim “Current”. Co-Founder  lainnya yang ada di tim adalah: Nick McEvily dan Kiran Panesar. Mereka adalah personil lainnya yang tidak kalah hebatnya, semuanya merupakan bagian dari tim termasuk penasehat, tim yang lengkap dapat dilihat di situs web: “Current” sendiri merupakan platform dalam multimedia streaming yang memberikan penghargaan berupa imbalan kepada pihak terkait di media streaming mulai dari pengguna, kurator, dan pembuat konten. Semua pihak yang terlibat akan diberikan imbalan oleh “Current” berupa CRNC sebagai token “Current” yang dapat digunakan untuk membeli barang, mendapatkan layanan premium dan inventaris iklan dalam platform “Current”.

Current Platform

Dari uraian ringkas di atas, terlihat bahwa orang akan didorong untuk lebih banyak terlibat dalam industri media streaming dengan sistem imbalan dan mekanisme yang dikembangkan oleh “Current”. Pembuat konten akan didorong untuk membuat dan mengunggah semaksimal mungkin hasil karyanya di media streaming, kemudian kurator didorong untuk mengelola kreasi juga, dan pengguna yang biasanya menonton kreasi dan juga sudah dikelola oleh kurator akan menikmati kreasi yang jauh lebih baik dan dapat lebih lama karena diberi imbalan berupa CRNC. Tentunya ini akan menyebabkan aktivitas media streaming meningkat, waktu menonton pengguna bisa jauh lebih banyak, kreasi akan semakin tinggi kualitasnya serta jumlahnya semakin banyak, dan kurasi akan lebih baik untuk melayani pembuatan system pemilihan folder. Selain itu, aktifitas iklan juga akan meningkat sehingga akhirnya media streaming secara keseluruhan didorong untuk lebih maju dan berkembang oleh Platform “Current”.

Informasi lengkap lebih lanjut dari “Current” dapat ditemukan di bawah ini:


Website :
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Bitcointalk :
Youtube :

“Current” Role for Enhancing Streaming Media Industry

Current Platform1

Streaming media industry is growing with the role of data traffic, this phenomenon firstly coming from the existence of internet. Internet role to drive every sector in human life is really abundant, they are entering all segment and all area of human being around the world. One of sector that has been growing is streaming media such as youtube, then others coming such as spotify etc. They are now growing faster, and now seems the growth will be much faster with the appearance of “Current”.

“Current” is developed by a team lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1,2 M USD. He’s had two prior exits from companies generating tens of millions in revenue. Dan has been investing in the blockchain space since 2013. This is just a sample of other great profile personnel in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are : Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisers, complete team can be found at the website : “Current” itself is a platform in multimedia streaming that rewarding related parties started from users, curators, and the creators. All involved parties will be rewarded by “Current” in CRNC as “Current” tokens that can be used to purchase goods, get premium services and ad inventory within the current platform.

Current Platform

From above simple description, people are encouraged to be involved in media streaming industries by rewarding system and mechanism developed by “Current”. Creators will be encouraged to create and upload as best as possible creation in media streaming, then curators are driven to manage the creation as well, and the user that is usually watching the creation and already managed by curator will enjoy the creation much better and can be longer as rewarded in CRNC. Certainly this will cause media streaming to increase the activities, time watching of users can be much more, the creations will be more and higher quality, and the curation will be better to serve the selection creation. Furthermore, advertising activities will be increasing then finally the overall media streaming are enhanced by “Current” Platform.

Current has been performing a program which involve the supporters to support “Current”, the link can be found at: “Current” team also provide other channel to connect and communicate in telegram which can be found at this link:

Further complete information of Current can be found at below :

Website :
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Kesenangan Bermain Media Streaming Online Akan Lebih Terhibur Oleh “Current”

Memainkan media streaming kebanyakan menghibur orang-orang karena ada banyak program yang ditonton atau didengarkan seperti film, tips dan trik, pelajaran, atau bahkan rekaman olahraga yang terlewatkan saat sedang tayangan langsungnya. Ada banyak jenis media streaming seperti Youtube sebagai media streaming yang paling banyak ditonton saat ini, ada juga Spotify, dll. Ada ide bagus yang dirilis oleh tim “Current” untuk lebih menghibur semua pengguna media streaming yaitu dengan memberi penghargaan kepada mereka dengan CRNC. CRNC merupakan token “Current” yang dapat digunakan untuk membeli barang, mendapatkan layanan premium, dan inventaris iklan dalam platform “Current”. Jadi sekarang pengguna media akan memiliki lebih banyak hiburan yang difasilitasi oleh “Current” yang tokennya ini dapat digunakan untuk belanja (pembelian barang) atau mendapatkan layanan lainnya.

Ini benar-benar konsep yang bagus yakni memberikan penghargaan kepada semua orang yang menggunakan media streaming baik untuk hobi mereka, atau tugas mereka yang harus dilakukan atupun hanya iseng saja tetapi sekarang ini bias mendapatkan penghargaan. Tentunya akan sangat menyenangkan setelah mengerjakan hobi kita atau melakukan tugas kemudian diberkan penghargaan dalam bentuk CRNC, dimana CRNC ini kemudian dapat digunakan untuk membeli barang atau dengan kata lain belanja. Banyak orang suka berbelanja, jadi ini akan menjadi hiburan lain bagi seorang youtuber untuk berbelanja dengan diterimanya hadiah atau penghargaan dari “Current”. Betapa indahnya dunia ini mendapatkan hadiah hanya dengan menonton program sepakbola atau mungkin konser musik kemudian setelah itu pergi berbelanja. Sungguh akan sangat menyenangkan juga hanya dengan menonton film dari media streaming online yang kita sukai kemudian mendapat imbalan dari “Current”, sehingga kedepannya kita tidak akan membayar setinggi dari biasanya karena ada “Current” yang membantu membayar sebagian dari tagihan data ata aktifitas kita menonton program favorit di media streaming.

Cerita di atas dapat dimungkinkan jika seseorang menggunakan “Current” sebagai platform untuk memutar media seperti itu untuk semua yang kita tonton atau dengarkan, CRCN akan diberikan kepada kita. Setidaknya akan lebih baik untuk mengetahui tim di balik konsep yang sangat baik ini, seperti yang dapat dilihat dari situs web:, mereka adalah:

Current Team I

Current Team II

Current Team III

“Current” juga sedang melaksanakan program untuk para pendukung yang programnya dapat dilihat di tautan ini: Untuk berinteraksi dengan mereka juga untuk mengetahui lebih dalam mengenai “Current”, tim telah menyediakan saluran di telegram pada tautan ini: Untuk sekarang ini, tampaknya “Current” akan dicari oleh banyak orang yang ingin memiliki hiburan di saat yang sama mendapatkan imbalan atau dibayar dengan CRNC kemudian menggunakan media streaming untuk mendapatkan pembayaran / imbalan.

Informasi lengkap lebih lanjut dari “Current” dapat ditemukan di bawah ini:

Website :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Medium :
Telegram :
Bitcointalk :
Youtube :

Pleasure to Play Online Streaming Media Will Be More Entertained By “Current”

Playing streaming media is mostly entertaining the people as there are many programs to be watched or listened, they are movie, tips and trick, lesson, or even sport recording that missed from their live session. There are many kinds of streaming media such as Youtube as the most streaming media watched at the moment, there is also Spotify, etc. Now there is an excellent idea released by Current team to more entertain all of streaming media user by reward them with CRNC. This CRNC is a Current token that can be used to purchase goods, premium services, and ad inventory within the Current platform. So now the media user will have more entertainment facilitated by Current can be for shopping (purchase goods) or other services.

This is really good concept as rewarding everyone who uses media whether for their hobbies, or their assignment of just fad but now to be rewarded. It will be very nice after having our hobby or carried out the task then rewarded in form of CRNC, this CRNC can be further to purchase goods or in other word shopping. Many people like shopping, so it will be other entertainment for a youtuber to have shopping by the rewards receipt. What a wonderful world to be rewarded just by watching football program or perhaps music concert then after that to go for shopping. It will be very nice also to watch a movie from online streaming media then rewarded with current, next time we will not pay as high as usually since there is current who help to pay some part of the bill by watching our favorite program in a streaming media.

Above story can be possible if a people is using Current as the platform to play such media for all we watch or listen, CRCN will be rewarded. At least it should be better to know the team behind this excellent concept, as can be viewed from the website:, here they are:

Current Team I

Current Team II

Current Team III

Current also is carrying out the program for the supporters which is located at this link: To interact with them also for exploring deeper of current, the team has provided with a channel in telegram at this link: For now, seems Current will be seek by many people who want to have entertainment while be rewarded or to be paid with CRNC then use streaming media for that.

Further complete information of Current can be found at below :

Website :
Twitter :
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Medium :
Telegram :
Bitcointalk :
Youtube :



Innovation from EOZ in Financial Industry by Artificial Neural Network and Blockchain Technology

Artificial Neural Network of EOZ

Hello everyone, now I want to tell you an excellent creation in Financial industry released by EOZ, a new blockchain-powered lending platform & governed есоѕуѕtеm designed to reduce barriers to cryptocurrency investing, increase market liquidity, and improve access to financial freedom for almost fully global. Technically, there are 2 (two) important key to differentiate EOZ with other conventional lending platform:

  1. EOZ is based on blockchain technology that is recently rising to be said a new advanced technology after network and digitalization technology era.
  2. EOZ uses sophisticated technology by Artificial Neural Network in the system created so it can develop and getting smarter as the time goes by.

Those two keys technical element are used in EOZ to give service in lending sectors which mean user to lend their fund in EOZ tokens in EOZ platform and will have benefit by the interests provided by EOZ. EOZ lender or called user can trust the system as EOZ is carrying out the cryptocurrencies trading using bot which is created under Artificial Neural Network technology. So, the trading will be profitable as this bot will process the past input by Artificial Neural Network to give good signal in the trading whether to enter market or to leave the market. It is very different with human trader that is mostly interfered by psychology aspect which cause the system created to fail, this bot will not have the psychology aspect so pure technical analysis to be made by this bot. A lot of human trader get fail in their trading even they created excellent system is caused by this psychology aspect that is very difficult to be controlled. More detail of Artificial Neural Network scheme to be implemented in EOZ can be found at the whitepaper link :

This bot used by EOZ really in the ability imitate human to adapt for a new situation by this Artificial Neural Network without even having emotion in the implementation then the successful of the trading will be much higher. This adaptation can be said as learning to EOZ Artificial Neural Network such as a human to learn something, as longer he is then a smarter and more expert. That is EOZ with use Artificial Neural Network, as getting longer to be used than the system will be getting smarter and more expert in the trading. That is why EOZ will do the trading much safer and the risk is much lower so by having this good trading then EOZ is able to give such big interest to the user from the fund lent in EOZ.

Other thing to be considered is this EOZ is created by team who had experienced in trading sectors within 15 years, so they are really expert in this trading then their expertise imitated in EOZ by Artificial Neural Network without psychology aspect which is mostly affect the failing of a human trader. EOZ is created by team within 3 years, such as cloning the expertise of trader team into this bot and once again without having psychological aspect as causer of most people trader fail. This is the reason why EOZ can give daily interest in 3% of fund to be lent in EOZ!! Wow, a great figure I think and none other conventional lending system which able to give the interest like this, more over if compared to conventional bank that is giving 3% annual….Just a quick glance of this comparation, daily interest for 3% can give in minimum ten times a year or minimum 1000% a year then if you lend $ 100 to EOZ then you will find your fund to be in USD 1.180 !!! Very attractive offer from EOZ….

There is also other service provided by EOZ, that is buyback program which is allow any tokens outside of EOZ to be re-purchased by EOZ from public tokens holder…what a good program to ensure price stability and facilitate investor who need their fund withdrawal from EOZ.

Other thing to be considered for EOZ as aforesaid above is blockchain utilization as proved recently to be a dесеntrаlizеd in nature, ассоunting еntriеѕ of all trаnѕасtiоnѕ are available for the general public at аnу givеn роint in timе. So, the decentralization and transparency in EOZ is guarantedd by the utilization of blockchain technology.

Now the EOZ is opening the opportunity to public who want to be part of EOZ for getting the tokens in token sale which is divided into 5 round and added with a Pre-Sale or Pre-ICO as can be seen in the website :, here is the detail of the ICO held by EOZ:


While ICO information is presented below:

EOZ ICO detail

Other interesting point from EOZ is the short roadmap to achieve the target as can be seen from website or whitepaper that is just in Q3 for targetting EOZ mobile wallet apps launching with the EOZ price shall be $50 – $70:


June 2017

  • Idea to make EOZ public and utilize crowdfund for investments.

Q4 2017

  • Design & Development of Public Portal.
  • Planning Of EOZ ICO.
  • EOZ White Paper.
  • Development Of EOZ Coin.

Q1 2018

  • Launch Of EOZ ICO Token Sale.
  • Launch Of EOZ Coin.
  • Launch Of EOZ Lending & Exchange.
  • Projected Opening Price $35.

Q3 2018

  • Launch Of EOZ Mobile Wallet Apps.
  • Listing On Exchanges.
  • Projected Price $50 – $70.

Just less than one year, EOZ token price is targeted more than 20 times…!! What a great target and figure to invest in this EOZ project!!

That is above in a glance for the innovation created by EOZ which is greatly impressive, if you want to further know about EOZ can find at below links :



Telegram: @eozsupport and

Twitter: @eozcoin

Facebook :

Shping Unique Value Added Using Blockchain Technology Innovatively Provided For Shopping Stakeholders

Who and What Is Shping?

As long as human being is still existing, technology as results of their intelligence will also always being developed. As recent and popular circumstance of technology, blockchain is started to be applied in many field of human life even this term is originally coming from information technology. In information technology field itself, this technology is being applied to drive another development of information technology in order to be more advanced and easier in the implementation. This is applied also in terms of one of the most liked in human activities while some other people classify this activity as hobby, shopping. This term actually is a daily activity that should be carried out by people to meet their daily need as many goods and stuff to be obtained in a traditional market or modern. The key point is that human who use the stuff or goods called consumers, a seller which meet with consumers called retailer both traditional and modern and a party to produce stuffs or goods called producers in form of manufacturer or fabricators who owns brands.

As recent shopping activities is involving application and internet then people is changing their way to shop and collecting information conventionally just see advertisement or ask people, now people collect information from smartphone to find complete information of a product to be purchased, seeking reviews and approvals before and after consumers take the product to the checkout counter. In this way then Shping is present to help many stakeholders of shopping to integrate each other innovatively by providing value added to each stakeholders of shopping. The stakeholders which is directly receive Shping value added are at least: consumers, retailers, distributors, manufacturers or brands holder, certifications body and governments.

Shping itself is not a new business as it was founded in 2012 and really doing business since 6 years ago, Shping Platform (www. has evolved from the Authenticateit ( and currently has 24 brand partners. ( So they had running the business for around 6 years, a sufficient time to see the proof of business running well as commonly the point of business to be running well at least 2 years. This Shping has been downloaded by users for around 50,000 with initial iteration of the App (Authenticateit). Shping has been operating in 4 major countries, the headquarter is in Melbourne, Australia  and three other international offices are in Singapore, Beijing (China), and Moscow (Russia). Each office participates for daily business operation such as educational seminars, onboarding participating businesses, local promotion, and marketing. So this Shping is already generating revenue since running the business. So far, Shping has engaged strategic alliances with a number of global partners such as:

→          GS1: Australia, Singapore, Russia, Malta, Azerbaijan, Australia

→          Certification bodies: Australian Certified Organic, AsureQuality

→          Institutional bodies: National Farmer`s Federation, WCO (World Custom Organization) CIQ (China Inspection and  Quarantine),  Rosselkhoznadzor  (Russian  Federal  Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance) and the Asia Food Safety Zone in Changchun (China).

Shping is created with the ability to help manufacturers and  retailers  to  improve  transparency,  traceability,  protection and accountability for their supply chains as required by certified body or government. Shping also has the goal to provide consumers, brands and associated organisations with an innovative shopping experience. Shping aims to address the challenges of the new market systematically, sustainably and with the potential to scale for the betterment  of consumers, brands, retailers and associated businesses. Central to our belief is a fundamental paradigm shift that sees recipients of the communication rewarded directly for their vigilance, loyalty, engagement and attention with Shping Coin.

Before know the product more, it is better to know who are this innovative product creators. Shping divides the team into 5 (five) classifications, here they are :

  1. Executive Officers :
    1. Gennady Volchek,Chief Executive Officer & Founder
    2. Andrei Kucherov, Chief Technology Officer
    3. Tony Lee, Chief Marketing Officer
  1. Management Team:
    1. Maria McInally, Customer Service/ Account Manager
    2. Nurul Huda Ab Hamid, ASEAN Corporate Sales Manager, Shping Singapore Office
    3. Sasha Xie, Business Development Manager, China
    4. Evgeny Markelov, Chief Executive Officer, Shping Moscow Office
    5. Evgeniy Srednyakov, Partner & Client Service Director, Shping Moscow Office
    6. Absan Abdulhafedh, Community Manager
    7. Christine Rianne, Head of Product Recall Data Excellence
  1. Development Team:
    1. John Wesley Salvador, Senior Developer
    2. Anton Jabchinskij, Erlang Developer
    3. Maria Arshava, QA Manager
    4. Ivan Vasliev, Erlang Developer
    5. Kirill Lyubimov, Mobile Developer
    6. Dmitry Moryashov, DevOps Engineeer
  1. Non Executive Advisory Board
    1. Jorij Abraham, Managing Director Ecommerce Foundation
    2. Lukas Sieber, Executive Director North America, Greater Zurich Area (GZA)
    3. Leanne Kemp, Founder & CEO, Everledger
    4. Sergey Sergienko, CEO of
    5. Adam Posner, CEO and Founder – The Point of Loyalty
  1. Strategic Partners
    1. Asure Quality
    2. Australian Certified Organic
    3. Everledger
    4. GS1 Australia
    5. GS1 Azerbaijan
    6. GS1 Russia
    7. GS1 Singapore
    8. GS1 Malta
    9. Interface Public Membres
    10. Icobox
    11. National Farmers Federation
    12. Australian Digital Commerce Association
    13. Novagraaf, Intellectual Property
    14. Fintech Australia
    15. And some others government authorities

Those team above is well established organization to run this project, even actually not running new as this Shping had been established in 2012. So now Shping just to develop and continue the established business was founded by Mr Volchek with the goal of preventing the counterfeiting of products in the retail market. His original idea was to implement EPCIS industry standards into a cloud-based solution that could be offered to organizations as a software as a service (SAAS). Based on that then Shping innovatively created in a platform that has a goal to to evolve into a new token of exchange that incentivizes consumers, brands, retailers and associated organizations to work together to create a safer, smarter way for consumers to shop and share information about products in the market.

Continued existing business, the aim of Shping to be achieved simultaneously in below breakdowns:

  1. To develop the world’s largest, trusted Global Product Database through blockchain innovation.
  2. To provide full traceability and auditability of the supply chain for consumers, brands, retailers, distributors, certification and governing bodies.
  3. To empower and incentivize consumers to instantly and conveniently assess the quality, authenticity and suitability of the products they are purchasing just by simply scanning the product barcode.
  4. To enable brands, retailers and associated organisations to incentivize consumers to engage with them in a manner which is non-disruptive and customer-driven (i.e by consumer’s scanning products), and which aids in the purchase of their products, and strengthens brand loyalty and reputation.

How innovative is the service provided by Shping?

Shping is the brand of Authenticateit Pty Ltd  (Authenticateit) which  delivers and  provides the Shping Platform. As presented above that the Shping  Platform  connects  brands,  retailers,  consumers,  and other associated stakeholders like government institutions (e.g AsureQuality), certification agencies (e.g Organics Australia) and customs (e.g  World  Customs Organization). Shping is  the first platform of this kind of service to be innovately and unique, it will enable practical and simple communications between consumers and other stakeholders making it a powerful resource to assist consumers to decide a purchasing. below to be presented the relationship of stakeholders encouraged by Shping :

Shopping Stakeholders

Shping operates to use data gathered and also then issued to the stakeholders through a  Global Product Database which  is  supported by a growing number of reputable, validated data sources such as GS1 (the organisation responsible for managing global barcode standards), product  recall  portals  from  around the world and Everledger (a digital global ledger that tracks the provenance of high-value assets such as diamonds in an authenticated immutable manner) and others.

Shping is also a marketing and consumer engagement platform that enables participating brands and associated organisations to incentivize consumers who scan their products. Through this way then Shping help brands to engage consumers loyalty and for long term engagement.

Innovative And Unique Added Value Provided by Shping

Shping uniqueness and also innovative to provide added value to the shopping stakeholders in form of Features and benefits to at least for : consumers, manufacturers / brands, retailers and industries. The added value to be explained below :

  1. Features & benefits for consumers : Shping App that enables consumers to tap into Shping’s Global Product Database to extract useful information to support them with their shopping choices then consumers will earn rewards in the form of Shping Coins. There is also Shping Status which is consist of five tiers of status – Basic, Bronze,  Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each status change will be triggered by specific achievements and milestones as users become more active and frequent users of the Shping App. The latest is Shping Buddies for inviting and adding others to use Shping App and add them into user’s network called as a “Shping Buddy”. This inviting and adding Shping Buddies will entitle users to earn bonus Shping Coins and also the opportunity to receive additional Shping Coins on a monthly basis for each active Shping Buddy in their network.
  2. Features & benefits for brands : Shping Marketing Module which provide brands and marketers with a new and highly targeted channel to send useful messages to consumers when they scan their product’s barcodes with the Shping App. Other is    Shping Security Module that provides brand owners the  ability to activate powerful brand protection and security features by serialized global  trade  item  number  (SGTIN),  and  a  unique  data matrix  code for identifying and tracking.
  3. Features & benefits for retailers : Shping Retail Module that enable assisting retailers to establish a direct channel with consumers who have scanned products in their stores,  to make cost-effective  marketing tool that can be used to personalise and  target  marketing  messages.  This module is under development and to be planned for delivery by the end of the first quarter of 2018.
  4. Features & benefits for the industries : auditing a product’s chain of custody through the supply chain, identifying instances where certifications may be misused or counterfeited , enabling product messages to be pushed to customers that promote or enhance the certifications (e.g Certified Organic Australian produce), Incentivizing customers to purchase products, add reviews, or subscribe to other digital channels such as email lists or social media, meeting new compliance and industry regulations for traceability down to the saleable unit, especially in regulated markets such as food and pharmaceutical industries.

Other thing to be considered for Shping is the data to be processed are valid as gathered from sources including consumers, brands, retailers, manufacturers as well as  government- owned and independent certification bodies and agents acting within the supply chain. These data are collected into a continuously updated, distributed product database (the  Global Product Database). Below to be shown data flow in Shping App :

Trusted Data Flow

The Shping database architecture uses GTIN as the key index to allow it to link to other product-related data including SGTIN data. By scanning GTIN and SGTIN barcodes, Shping users can reveal valuable information about products to help them feel safer about their product choices.Database Architecture The Shping Platform is  powered by  Ethereum  smart contracts,  and manages product traceability  on  the  back  of  hyperledger  and GS1 standards. Shping combines the GS1 EPCIS standards ( with powerful blockchain  technology.  To help create a private blockchain based on the  Hyperledger  Fabric  ( since Shping  has partnered with Everledger. All brands, distributors and retailers can become a member of this network, start their nodes and use EPC Codechain. Shping’s blockchain integration agent will provide blockchain information to consumers and third parties via EPCIS SOAP service.

As above presented, Shping uses trusted Data Sources, such as from Brands and their Supply Chain, from GS1 Local Members, Data from Certification Authorities, Data from Recall Portals, Crowdsourced Data means Shping incentivizes users to create and verify product information, product location and the appeal of products in their possession, using the Shping App by rewarding them with Shping Coins, data from Government such as IPM – the system used by the WCO (World Custom Organization) which enables customs officers to access records pertaining to the full chain  of custody of a  product.

Other interesting innovation and unique of this Shping is Marketing & Consumer Incentive System. This system allows promoting for engagement by offering Shping Coin between data sources this Shping coins is an ERC20 compliant, Ethereum-based, smart contract currency to be created and distributed by Shping Pty Ltd (Shping Co), and will be integrated within the Shping Platform through an agreement between Authenticateit and Shping Co. This Coins will be used by brands, certification authorities and retailers to incentivize Shping App users to engage with product information and participate in other pre and post-purchase activities through the App. Below presented the scheme of Marketing & Consumer Incentive System.Marketing Consumer Incentives Scheme

Bonus Structure for Token Buyers during the Token Pre Sale

Beside above innovative and unique offer by Shping, there were Token PreSale that was commenced at midnight on 22nd January 2018 and to be ended at 23.59pm on 31 January 2018, Central Eastern Time (CET).

Structure of Distribution

 Shping Co nor Authenticateit will never create additional Shping Coins outside of the initial Token Sale and distribution. Below are presented the structure of distribution of the token :

Token Distribution

Here below to be presented also Shping’s application development roadmap:

Product Database Q3 2017
Shping Coin Q4 2017
Retail Module Q1 2018
Blockchain Ledger Q2 2018
Online Payment Integration Q3 2018
In-store Navigation Q3 2018
Snap Checkout Q3 2018
Shping Branded Payment Cards Q4 2018
Shping Coin Marketplace Q4 2018
Trade Finance Q4 2018

Monetisation Model

The Shping App will be free for consumers to download and use. Brands, manufacturers, retailers, certification bodies and authorities will be charged licensing, setup and maintenance  fees to  adopt and  integrate Shping’s modules, which will  be proportionate   to the extent of the work required to onboard them onto the Shping Platform and provide any customization required. More information of token sale can be seen at this link :

Further information of this Shping can be obtained at below links :

Telegram Promotional Partner:
Telegram Community:
Telegram Announcements:
Bitcointalk ANN:

WeChat ID: shpingcoin

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