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Pleasure to Play Online Streaming Media Will Be More Entertained By “Current”

Playing streaming media is mostly entertaining the people as there are many programs to be watched or listened, they are movie, tips and trick, lesson, or even sport recording that missed from their live session. There are many kinds of streaming media such as Youtube as the most streaming media watched at the moment, there is also Spotify, etc. Now there is an excellent idea released by Current team to more entertain all of streaming media user by reward them with CRNC. This CRNC is a Current token that can be used to purchase goods, premium services, and ad inventory within the Current platform. So now the media user will have more entertainment facilitated by Current can be for shopping (purchase goods) or other services.

This is really good concept as rewarding everyone who uses media whether for their hobbies, or their assignment of just fad but now to be rewarded. It will be very nice after having our hobby or carried out the task then rewarded in form of CRNC, this CRNC can be further to purchase goods or in other word shopping. Many people like shopping, so it will be other entertainment for a youtuber to have shopping by the rewards receipt. What a wonderful world to be rewarded just by watching football program or perhaps music concert then after that to go for shopping. It will be very nice also to watch a movie from online streaming media then rewarded with current, next time we will not pay as high as usually since there is current who help to pay some part of the bill by watching our favorite program in a streaming media.

Above story can be possible if a people is using Current as the platform to play such media for all we watch or listen, CRCN will be rewarded. At least it should be better to know the team behind this excellent concept, as can be viewed from the website:, here they are:

Current Team I

Current Team II

Current Team III

Current also is carrying out the program for the supporters which is located at this link: To interact with them also for exploring deeper of current, the team has provided with a channel in telegram at this link: For now, seems Current will be seek by many people who want to have entertainment while be rewarded or to be paid with CRNC then use streaming media for that.

Further complete information of Current can be found at below :

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