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“Current” Revolutionize Streaming Media Industry by The Features Inside

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Playing streaming media is a pleasure time to be spend by lot of people, not only for teenagers but also for most segment of age. Playing for entertaining can be seen started from a baby until adults and even elderly people, the media used now is streaming media. More than entertaining, streaming media can present tips and trick for something, for learning and education purpose started also from baby until elder people. Lot of people is using streaming media with the presence of data traffic that recently developed and served by internet.

Now, to enjoy streaming media will be revolutionized by “Current”, an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets the user choose how to stream and pay for the media used. There are several revolutions generated by “Current” in Streaming Media Industry specifically such as: Decentralized Storage Infrastructure which are dealing with millions of contents to be hosted, more convenient streaming provided to users, there are scalability by using state channels which shifting benefits from advertisers and intermediaries to direct contributors such as users, curators and the content creators. There also will be a subtoken and Network token under “Current” platform, it means as “Current” will consolidate as many as possible media streaming while each users of content will have a favorite channels or network then “Current” will generate a sub token on that network. Let say in the future there will be CRNC youtube subtoken for youtube network in “Current” platform. Similar to this, there will also CRNC spotiy subtoken and so on. So, with many ability and service provided by “Current” aforesaid then media streaming industry will be revolutionized. One other to be notified is the rewarding system by “Current” to the contributors such as users, curators and the content creators, this rewarding system developed with sophisticated calculation mechanism then it will encourage the usage of streaming media under “Current” platform.

Current Platform1

Other side of “Current” as product, is the producer of “Current” that is joined in a team lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1.2M USD. He’s had two prior exits from companies generating tens of millions in revenue. Dan has been investing in the blockchain space since 2013. This is just a sample of other great profile personnel in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are : Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisors, complete team can be found at the website :

“Current” now is carrying out a program which involve their supporters, the program can be found at this link: For whom to want contact or communicate with “Current” team in telegram, this link can be used:

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The Attractiveness inside TOP Commercial Overview for Unique Services by Casper API

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To manage a business must need a lot of things to be carried out. Starting from carry out of all the work system, designing various ideas and strategies, execute the plan for cooperation with various parties or other companies, and marketing activities. Hence it can be seen that in business as many activities to be carried out and also as well recorded, you need storage media that can save all your data and files, right?

Fortunately, there is now an online storage data with high capacity. Online storage media is now increasingly used by personal, small to medium-scaled businesses to larger scales in probably Decentralized Applications (DApps). As the times progressed, data storage media such as floppy disks, zip disks, hard drives, laser disks, CD / DVD, memory card, USB, and external hard disks are getting insufficient and less practical recently. Consumers are demanding storage media that can be accessed whenever they need and wherever they may be. In addition, large storage capacity is also increasingly needed because of the increased size of a file to be kept. The storage media must also have adequate access security system settings. We can imagine if one time must conduct a presentation but the USB is left at some place or suddenly broken. Next step of data storage technology is (have been) carried out by cloud storage, but this is based on network and centralized then many weakness found even above lack had been covered.

Therefore, many people now are already considering the future data storage technology that is not only high performance, but also sophisticated, high reliability, convenience and easy to use for the connoisseurs of technology and business specially in DApps, and the most important thing is safety and security of the data.

Some Attractiveness of Casper API which provides unique and excellent solutions for Big Data Storage of DApps

Since the first appearance of Casper API on Pre-ICO held in December 2017, high enthusiasm had been demonstrated by investors with phenomenal purchasing of API tokens for just 60 minutes SOLD OUT …!

Casper PRE-ICO

In the time duration, Pre-ICO target had been reached by earning about US $ 1 million. The explosion of investors enthusiasm towards Casper API occurs because the background needs of this data storage technology and its problems can be responded precisely and meticulous by Casper API.

By Casper API system which is independently from blockchain platform to be managed under smart contract, big data storage specifically owned by DApps can be served conveniently, securely and reliably. From user point of view, those services are very important. So it is not surprising if investors highly believe the future business of this Casper API, it seems now Casper API is considered the hottest prospective investment.

General Business Overview for Casper API

As aforesaid that excellent solutions are provided by Casper API, it is nice if looking over a general business of this platform. Casper API release a coin called Casper Tokens (CST) which is used for payment settlements within the service on all blockchain platforms and to purchase franchise by service vendors, now the quote for service is rated 1 CST for 256 GB storage allocation under smart contract managing. The storage capacity is determined from ICO based on CST price 1, but thereafter it will increase as the CST price increases. There are 2 method for business of the CST :

  1. Exchange as other tokens do
  2. Renting the tokens

Those 2 methods of token business are allowed under smart contract for either user or vendor who supply storage place to user. While company of Casper itself will receive revenue generally from below stream :

  1. Fund raised in ICO
  2. Token rent as commission for operations in CST circulation inside the system

While Company’s expense basically consist of overhead cost, marketing cost and Shaping project fallback fund. To describe fairly, it was set 2 scenario for positive and negative. In positive scenario, in year 2 has profited 2 mio USD and in year 5 reach 991 mio USD. While in negative scenario, year 3 will be profit : 14 mio USD and year 5 will obtain profit : 547 mio USD…!!! It’s really incredible project to reach amazingly figure like that, even considered negative scenario still can obtain profit around 500 mio USD….

There is another fact to be a strong indicator that how the most prospective is this project, as aforesaid that happened during Pre-ICO last December to SOLD OUT the token and REACH OUR GOAL just within 60 minutes…!!!

With the prospective big demand and getting bigger in time progressively, unique and top handling services as provided by Casper API team using blockchain technology, the most popular and advance technology so far, it surely and precisely the roadmap generated can be achieved and even exceeded.

It as above a general overview from business side how is the prospective of this Casper API with their unique technical system to be applied and accurately responding the problem of data storage so far to anticipate demand in the future. Great analysis by Casper API to see a business opportunity and supported by excellent and high performance of technical team. More description of Casper API platform can be found at this link,, or join