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“Current” Revolutionize Streaming Media Industry by The Features Inside

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Playing streaming media is a pleasure time to be spend by lot of people, not only for teenagers but also for most segment of age. Playing for entertaining can be seen started from a baby until adults and even elderly people, the media used now is streaming media. More than entertaining, streaming media can present tips and trick for something, for learning and education purpose started also from baby until elder people. Lot of people is using streaming media with the presence of data traffic that recently developed and served by internet.

Now, to enjoy streaming media will be revolutionized by “Current”, an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets the user choose how to stream and pay for the media used. There are several revolutions generated by “Current” in Streaming Media Industry specifically such as: Decentralized Storage Infrastructure which are dealing with millions of contents to be hosted, more convenient streaming provided to users, there are scalability by using state channels which shifting benefits from advertisers and intermediaries to direct contributors such as users, curators and the content creators. There also will be a subtoken and Network token under “Current” platform, it means as “Current” will consolidate as many as possible media streaming while each users of content will have a favorite channels or network then “Current” will generate a sub token on that network. Let say in the future there will be CRNC youtube subtoken for youtube network in “Current” platform. Similar to this, there will also CRNC spotiy subtoken and so on. So, with many ability and service provided by “Current” aforesaid then media streaming industry will be revolutionized. One other to be notified is the rewarding system by “Current” to the contributors such as users, curators and the content creators, this rewarding system developed with sophisticated calculation mechanism then it will encourage the usage of streaming media under “Current” platform.

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Other side of “Current” as product, is the producer of “Current” that is joined in a team lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1.2M USD. He’s had two prior exits from companies generating tens of millions in revenue. Dan has been investing in the blockchain space since 2013. This is just a sample of other great profile personnel in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are : Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisors, complete team can be found at the website :

“Current” now is carrying out a program which involve their supporters, the program can be found at this link: For whom to want contact or communicate with “Current” team in telegram, this link can be used:

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“Current” Role for Enhancing Streaming Media Industry

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Streaming media industry is growing with the role of data traffic, this phenomenon firstly coming from the existence of internet. Internet role to drive every sector in human life is really abundant, they are entering all segment and all area of human being around the world. One of sector that has been growing is streaming media such as youtube, then others coming such as spotify etc. They are now growing faster, and now seems the growth will be much faster with the appearance of “Current”.

“Current” is developed by a team lead by Dan Novaes as Co-Founder, CEO.Dan has been profiled in Forbes, Entrepreneur, & Bloomberg TV for his entrepreneurial achievements and amassed a following of 1,2 M USD. He’s had two prior exits from companies generating tens of millions in revenue. Dan has been investing in the blockchain space since 2013. This is just a sample of other great profile personnel in “Current” team. Other Co-Founder are : Nick McEvily and Kiran Panesar. They are other excellent personnel who are part of the team including the advisers, complete team can be found at the website : “Current” itself is a platform in multimedia streaming that rewarding related parties started from users, curators, and the creators. All involved parties will be rewarded by “Current” in CRNC as “Current” tokens that can be used to purchase goods, get premium services and ad inventory within the current platform.

Current Platform

From above simple description, people are encouraged to be involved in media streaming industries by rewarding system and mechanism developed by “Current”. Creators will be encouraged to create and upload as best as possible creation in media streaming, then curators are driven to manage the creation as well, and the user that is usually watching the creation and already managed by curator will enjoy the creation much better and can be longer as rewarded in CRNC. Certainly this will cause media streaming to increase the activities, time watching of users can be much more, the creations will be more and higher quality, and the curation will be better to serve the selection creation. Furthermore, advertising activities will be increasing then finally the overall media streaming are enhanced by “Current” Platform.

Current has been performing a program which involve the supporters to support “Current”, the link can be found at: “Current” team also provide other channel to connect and communicate in telegram which can be found at this link:

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Cars To Flight Are Linked Into Blockchain By Helbiz For Doing Easy Business

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To hear cars and flight in daily activities most possibly common for many people as nowadays those words are very familiar as they are always associated with all human activities. More of that, now the word becomes very reliable business field because it can not be denied and has been proven by history that human life is already attached with transportation. Many rich people are dealing with this transportation business, even recently there are coming the new business model of transportation based on application.

However the business as same with other sector of human life are evolving as time progressed, it is also with transportation which is influenced also with the technology development. Lately, many human life sectors are entered by blockchain technology that is suggested to change the world face after computer era and network era. That is happened also for transportation business, Helbiz team are created the most advanced and newest transportation system linked with blockchain technology to provide hottest prospective business circumstance for now and future. It will be very easy to do the business with Helbiz, even for user or for whoever want to be business inside Helbiz or called investor.

All Transportation Symbol

This business as aforesaid is reliable, most over supported by most advanced technology recently called blockchain then the future of the business is very bright and hot prospective. This acumen of the opportunity will open great profit for investor who are entering Helbiz by holding the tokens (HBZ). This is the first point to be said that transportation system by Helbiz are served for doing business easily, just hold this HBZ and wait for the much higher value expected to be sold. It is very reasonable to have a belief that this HBZ price will increase significantly after their ICO as the Helbiz system is running in the reliable business field and needed by all people !! It is very simple and in other word the demand will increase then the price will follow it…..

Cars even jet flight are needed by people and this need is increasing as time goes by, and service of Helbiz system are very convenient, easy to use, and also secure for both the user and also the car owner or renter. Added by prospectus technology of blockchain that is offering trusty, independence and also decentralized. So there is nothing to say more that from most of point of view, this Helbiz is really good business point!!

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Unique and Top handling Solutions for Big Data Storage with Blockchain Technology Applied By Casper API

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Who and What Is Casper API?

As long as human being is still existing, technology as results of their intelligence will also always being developed. As recent and popular circumstance of technology, blockchain is started to be applied in many field of human life even this term is originally coming from information technology. In information technology field itself, this technology is being applied to drive another development of information technology in order to be more advanced and easier in the implementation. This is applied also in terms of data storage which is integrated with blockchain technology which has previously several problems. Casper API created by genius team to solve the problems and provide excellent solution for data storage.

Before know the product, better to know who the product creators. Here they are :

  1. Artem Koltsov, Co-founder
  2. Vitaly Chermensky, Co-founder
  3. Stanislav Kapulkin, Head of development
  4. Alyona Kolpashnikova, Project Lead
  5. Anton Cobac, CTO
  6. Vadim Batkin, Financial advisor
  7. Ao Khi, Advisor
  8. Van Jiangan, Advisor
  9. David Kang, Advisor

Those above are the people who formulate genius idea of Casper API that can serve DApp and other parties who need big data storage concern, more detail of the competencies and capabilities of each person can be found in the website : or whitepaper at this link : Casper API is formulated as a decentralized storage application which is managed under smart contracts . Some of the excellent parts of this Casper API feature is the ability to switch between blockchain and assign multiple blockchain simultaneously. This is great feature of Casper API hence the user can easily move to other blockchain as they want. This feature looks like to gain access to a series of invisible servers built on a shared network, so that is one of the reason the system called Casper to be invisible and easily move borderless just like a ghost. Casper anyway is like a term of a kindness ghost in old kid movie that help anyone in trouble, however the ghost is controlled and managed by Casper API team to be always being kindness and reliable through smart contract.

How excellent is the service provided by Casper API?

Casper API mechanism

The most advance and sophisticated mechanism and ecosystem performed by this Casper API can serve some of advantages as below:

  1. Convenience

Really like the Casper in old children ghost movie, the use of P2P technology serving very quick file transfer, allowing best blockchain considering speed and cost, as above said also the ability to easily switching between blockchain, blockchain interchangeability for content sharing, easy to estimate the cost based on users.

  1. Security

Implementation of algorithm Zk-Snark is allowing files distributed in several providers while just the user who can access the whole part of file distributed in all stored provider. Therefore, none can access the file and know the file content exactly as just the user who can. This advantage is really keeping the file content be always safe from opening, viewing moreover editing by people or parties who is unauthorized. In other word, can be said it is impossible to open, view moreover edit the file content which is under Casper API implementation. To be more easily understood, it can be imagined this advantage as if we store a table by disassembling it first then tagging each part to be stored in different rented warehouse and fully covered in a package. None knows the content of the package, it is only the table owner.

  1. Reliability

This service can satisfy all the user, no worries for failure at all as the safety is fully guaranteed. All parts of distributed files managed under smart contract are replicated and stored in minimum of 4 place, they are always checked for failure and re-stored with other provider if there is found failure. As above analogy of a table storage, this advantage can be imagined also for re-creating each part with precisely same with the original into minimum 4 units. Then each part are distributed into several warehouse and always to be checked by smart contract whether the parts and also the warehouse is still good or not. If the part is damage, then smart contract will re-create it and if the warehouse is damage then smart contract will find another warehouse to store the part. Then if anytime the owner need to use the table unit then it will be easily re-assembled.

Those above as a glance are a few sample features and advantages by using Casper API, in just quick reading can be understood this system to be useful for Application Developers (DApps) or other parties who need to store their big data conveniently, securely and in reliable way. More description of Casper API platform can be found at,, or join